Photographer & Artist

Catherine Thomas is an emerging fine art and domestic photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Having studied a Bachelor of Design in Photography at the University of Technology Sydney, where she experimented with mismatched techniques in and out of the camera.


Before studying at UTS, Catherine completed a Diploma of Photo Imaging at CATC Design School where an emphasis was placed on the commercial and domestic side of photography, whereas now her practice is focused on a personal and conceptual direction. Where subjective and abstract ideas are explored and challenged. Having undertaken and completed further graphic design qualifications, Catherine is fully equipped with all visual and technical skills.


Having followed a creative path since an early age, Catherine is drawn to all things artistic, designedly, experimental and innovative. Endeavouring to keep up with new advances in technology and techniques while also striving to develop her own styles, Catherine is inspired by the new and old mediums of the photographic world.


Using the creative world as a platform for expression and visual communication Catherine is able to do what she loves with the aim of turning her passion into a fruitful and rewarding career.


It Is What It Is

UTS Gallery, Sydney, November 21 - November 25 - 2019


Pop Up Melbourne, May 15 - 2017


Sun Studios, Sydney, August 6 - August 13 - 2015


Canon Light Awards / Pet Personality / 2nd Place - 2015

Canon Light Awards / Natural Light / 2nd Place - 2015

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